‘Bomb’ sent as gift to school principal, here’s what happened next

A quite shocking incident is reported from Gujrat’s Rajkot district where a private school principal received a surprise gift and to his shock, the gift turned out to be a ‘bomb’.

Luckily the bomb was not activated and was successfully destroyed by the Police before it could harm anyone.

The Police are now searching for the anonymous gift sender who has sent a bomb in the parcel through a courier service to Shri Krishna School.

The school is run by Vitthal Dobaria in Upleta town and he received the gift parcel on 12th October who immediately alarmed the Police and averted a mishap from happening.

As per the reports, the bomb was made with gelatin sticks and detonators switch.

The was destroyed by the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad yesterday in a ‘controlled blast’, said the district Superintendent of Police Balram Meena.

“We suspect that the person who delivered the gift box was not a courier boy, as he did not follow the usual procedures of courier firms. The sender had written on the box that he was a former student of the school and sending the gift to thank Dobaria for his support,” said Meena.

The anonymous sender has also put in a request to open the gift on 14 October but the Dobaria opened it on Tuesday night to find suspicious items inside, catchnews reports.