Bomb blast in Madina, worst terrorist activity of human history – Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily strongly condemned the bomb attack in Madina and said those who committed this crime cannot be Muslims. It is an evidence of hostility against Islam and the Prophet (PBUH). These terrorist activity in the city of Prophet (PBUH) is a worst terrorist activity of human history. There are no words to condemn it.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan expressed his serious anguish on terrorist attacks on Madina and other cities of Saudi Arabia. The City in which attack has been made is the holy city in the entire world.

Quoting the tradition of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as narrated by Hazrat Saad (RA), he told that no one can hatch any conspiracy against Madina and if he does so he would be ruined like the dissolution of salt in water. The gist of this hadith is that those who hatch conspiracies against the people of Madina, their fate is nothing but destruction.

He further told that the Islamic world is passing through a very delicate era and such a situation, it is essential that steps should be taken to end terrorism.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan mentioned that no tragic incident could be greater than the attack on Masjid-e-Nabavi. He appealed to the Muslims that they should follow the traditions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and pay attention to Allah (SWT).

–Siasat News