Boman Irani: Education important for older people too

Gurugram; Actor Boman Irani feels that education is essential for the younger lot as well as older people.

“I feel that education is so important for youngsters today but also for people who are older. People who are older today, with changing times, seem to gain experience but don’t seem to be learning anymore,” Boman said here on Friday.

The actor, now in his fifties, recalled his school days.

“When we turned three or three and a half years old, our parents would send us to schools. We got educated and that was the end of it. Today, my experience with education is with my grandchildren,” said the “3 Idiots” actor.

Now that he is a grandfather, things have changed.

“When my grandson was born, we went into the room to congratulate our daughter-in-law. We all hugged and kissed the baby. My daughter-in-law told my son ‘tomorrow, you go and register’. I said ‘yeah, for the birth certificate’. They said ‘no, for school’.

“On the day that the child is born, they have to start worrying about education, registration at a good school, then, of course, they will worry whether their child will get 98.4 percent in the tenth standard or not…how sad is that.

“Your child’s career is decided whether he gets 98.4 or 95 percent, and 94 seems to be a disaster these days,” he said.

He emphasized on the need for good education.

“Good education, good new techniques of learning, innovation are I think the order of the day,” he said.

The actor was here to support Ritesh Rawal, an innovator, and entrepreneur who wants to change the world of education through his school Adhyay.