Bollywood reacts to me differently now: Sunny Leone

Mumbai: When Sunny Leone made her Bollywood debut, she faced alot of apprehension from the film industry, but the actress says people’s perception towards her have changed over a period of time.

After quitting her career as an adult star, Leone, 34, made her debut in the 2012 erotic thriller Jism 2 and feels people from the industry have become more open and welcoming to her and her husband. “I’ve met some amazing, really nice people over the last few years, especially this year. I feel this year we have not made any new friends, but have interacted with people a little bit differently. People are reacting to me and my husband differently when we walk in a room,” Leone said.

However, she does not want to blame anyone, but herself for not being a social person. “I don’t know want to say it’s their fault that they’re not being social. I think I like to blame myself. I don’t go to a lot of parties, I don’t go to a lot of social events so it’s hard to meet people.”

After working in five films and making numerous public appearances the Ek Paheeli Leela star still has her fan girl moments when she sees Bollywood stars. “I am really shy, I know it is hard to believe for everybody, but when I am sitting in a room and when I see these people whom I have seen on TV and in movies, most of the time I am like ‘Wow that’s her, that’s him’. I turn into a fan and get too scared to say hello. I am learning to be more social,” she said.

The actress has become popular and tasted success in a really short period, but according to her she never lets the fame get into her head. “I don’t ever tell myself – yes I’ve arrived. I just want my movies to do well, the producers to make money back.

As a business owner myself I know how much it costs to put up a production together,” she said. “For me, I always wish the producer makes money and people like it. I am very happy to know that my movie has done well, all the hard work has paid off,” Sunny added.