Bollywood director gets arrested for hurting religious sentiments

Mumbai: Director Ajay K Pannalal’s and producer Tony D’souza on Thursday got arrested for hurting religious sentiments through their movie ‘Behen hogi teri’. The movie was
released on April 4, 2017 with a poster featuring actor Rajkummar Rao, in Lord Shiva’s get-up.

The actor was seen dressed up as the deity and seated on a silver motorbike with a UP‚ÄČnumber plate. This started the controversy and the director, producer duo fell into trouble, reported the ht.

The film’s production team who has produced films such as Blue (2009) and Boss (2013), was arrested for hurting religious sentiments, sources had confirmed.”The Police had come from Jalandhar to Mumbai with the arrest warrant for the director [Ajay K Pannalal] and the producer [Tony D’souza]. Both of them were taken for medical examination and were taken into custody. They have not been granted bail,” sources informed.

When Versova Police Station, Mumbai was contacted, they denied any such arrest. “As of now, there is no entry in our register, so we cannot say anything. Only when our senior officer comes, we can confirm,” said an official.

Rajkummar had explained the character and said in an earlier interview, “My character Gattu works in this Jagran Mandali owned by Shruti’s (Hassan) character’s family in the film, and Gattu plays Shiva in it.”