Bolivia rejects Guaido’s welcoming of US military intervention in Venezuela

La Paz: Bolivia has rejected self-proclaimed President Juan Guido’s openness towards a US military intervention in Venezuela amid the ongoing political turmoil in the South American nation.

“We reject the statements by the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó who welcomes a US military intervention in Venezuela. I wonder what the brother Presidents who recognised him have to say about such incitement to war in Latin America,” Evo Morales Ayma, President of Bolivia, tweeted on Sunday.

Ayma’s statement comes close on the heels of Guido refusing to completely eliminate the possibility of authorising the United States for a military intervention to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

On January 23, Guido proclaimed himself to be the President of Venezuela, amid cheering protesters who supported Maduro’s ouster.

The United States immediately lent their support to Guido, recognising him as the official interim President, a move which has since been backed by several Latin American and European countries.

However, countries like China, Russia, Turkey, amongst others, have slammed foreign intervention in Caracas’ internal affairs while supporting Maduro’s leadership.