Body-shaming isn’t cool, says Sushmita Sen

Mumbai: Actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, considered as one of the fittest celebrities in Hindi film industry, said on Thursday that body-shaming is not a cool concept.

Asked whether she had ever gone through weight gain issues, she told the media at an event here: “I had this thing… because I was one of those brilliant people who put on weight and then go on national television. Did a show with Wasim Akram (Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena in 2008). I was superbly overweight and it became national news where news channels were discussing my weight…”

“…I think body-shaming is not a cool concept. I have never liked it.”

On how people judge a person going through weight gain issues, Sushmita said: “It is important to recognise that you are going to have the ups and downs in your life and you are never going to be consistently perfect. There are people in this world who have genetic issues and people with health conditions. So, to judge people is easy but to let them enjoy the moment is difficult.”

The actor said that because of the fact that Bollywood actors are in the limelight and are being judged every day, “I didn’t feel nice about it at all, but it brought to realisation of the fact that I am a strong woman but my strength can’t be seen. So, I got into gymnastics and now here I am.”

As for the advice to those aspiring to be actors and beauty pageant winners like her, she said: “If you want to be an actor or a Miss Universe, it should not be your dream that fades away. You have to pursue it, and then pursue it till you believe you have given it your all.”

Sushmita said that Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff is the fitness icon of Hindi film industry. “This generation of actors and people in the industry are all moving towards fitness rather than achieving a thin body.”

“There is big difference between being thin and being fit. I am very happy that this entire generation of actors is doing that.”

Sushmita Sen was last seen onscreen in Bengali film “Nirbaak” which released in 2015.