Body in suitcase: Two minors arrested in connection with Rajendra Nagar murder case

Hyderabad: Two minors have been arrested by the police in the murder of Mohammed Riyaz whose body was found in a suitcase in Rajendra Nagar on Sunday.

Upon being arrested, they admitted to the crime and showed the police where they hid the evidence. The police seized boulders, sticks which were used for the murder, and also the auto rickshaw of the deceased.  

According to the police, both the minors were auto drivers and were friends of the deceased. The duo along with a runaway suspect, Sohail had stolen batteries from Riyaz’s and another person Lalitha’s auto. The incident was witnessed by Riyaz’s sister, who complained to the police.

Following the complaint, the police issued them a fine of Rs 4000, which was to given to Lalitha and Riyaz.  But when Sohail and one of the minors refused to pay the fine to Riyaz, an argument broke between them following which they beat him to death.

As per police, the accused had later packed the body in a suitcase and dumped it near Rajendra Nagar.

The wife of the deceased had lodged a missing complaint in the police station on Friday 8, 2021.