BMW gets smashed by train, driver survives

Los Angeles: Horrific video has gone viral on twitter where a blue BMW car was seen getting smashed under a train. The car was crashed as it took a turn on the tracks despite the gate arms being down and getting plowed by the train.

The video was shared by the Los Angeles Police Department on Twitter.

The intensity with which the car got smashed was extreme. However, the driver was miraculously saved and suffered some minor bruises and scratches.

The Police tweeted a picture of the car after the incident took place and it is unimaginable to believe that the driver made out alive.

“This could’ve had a tragic outcome,” wrote the Los Angeles Police Department on Twitter.

 “It is very important to pay attention while driving especially when crossing signals, places near railway tracks, etc. and this serves as a good reminder for all of us to drive safely and obey all traffic rules,” said the Police Department.

The driver is safe and was released from the hospital.

Intern Anhaar Majid