BMC lifts 2 days meat ban, after High court called it regressive

The civic body in Mumbai on Friday reduced the ban on meat sale by two days after high court called it regressive. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) banned the sale of meat on September 10, 13, 17 and 18 in the city during Jain community festival.

The BMC informed the Bombay High Court that it was withdrawing its decision to impose a ban on slaughter of animals and sale of meat on September 13 and 18. Consequently, the abattoir which was to remain shut on September 13 and 18 will remain open on those days and sale of meat will be allowed,” said the court.

The court also questioned the Maharashtra government on why fish and other non-vegetarian food items including eggs have not been banned. “When you are talking of Ahimsa, how come fish, sea food and eggs are not banned?” the court asked.

The decision came soon after the Shiv Sena strongly criticized the BJP led govt, and set up the stall to sell meat in defiance of the order in busy Dadar area. Also the BJP has drawn sharp criticism from various political parties over the decision.

It is to be noted that Shiv Sena warned the Jain community against imposing its vegetarian code on other communities in the state during the Paryushan Parva, Sena also warned the Jain community saying, “At least Muslims have Pakistan to go, and you have nowhere to go”.