Blueberry extract, a proposed remedy to cure gum disease

Washington DC, Sep 03 : Gum disease or plaques on teeth is a common dental issue among adults. It occurs due to bacteria form bio-films or inflamed gums. Periodontitis is one common case that requires heavy antibiotic dosage.

According to a new study, scientists have now discovered a remedial cure, using wild blueberry extract that could help prevent dental plaque formation.

As per a report in the ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, blueberry extract heals Periodontitis and reduces need for antibiotics.

The degree of gum inflammation or gingivitis varies among people. In some cases, the gums get red and swollen with excessive bleeding. This condition leads to Periodontitis if left unchecked.

Among others, the plaque hardens into tartar, and the infection can spread below the gum line destroying tissue supporting the teeth. Dentists treat this condition by scraping off the tartar resorting to conventional antibiotic dosage.

Researchers now look out for natural antibacterial compounds that helps treat this disease.

Daniel Grenier and colleagues conducted researches on tested extracts from the wild lowbush blueberry, Vaccinium angustifolium Ait., against F. nucleatum to see if blueberry polyphenols works against food borne pathogens and Fusobacterium nucleatum leading to periodontitis.

The rich extracts inhibited the growth of F. nucleatum that helps rectify molecular pathway involved in inflammation.

An oral device by the researchers is being developed that could slowly release the extract after deep cleaning to cleanse periodontitis. (ANI)