Blissful week for Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Warning of a thunderstorm and windstorm have been issued for today,by the local weather department of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad city is hopefully set to experience a cool week in these hot blazing temperatures throughout the state.

The warning is, “Thunderstorm accompanied with squall, with or without hail, very likely at isolated places in all districts of Telangana. While the forecast will remain, there will be light to moderate rain throughout the state. The city might witness rain or thundershowers towards afternoon or evening. This weather condition is likely to continue till May 7.”

The weather change is due to the trough that runs from East Madhya Pradesh to Maldives area across Telangana.

A wind discontinuity runs from north Telangana to the Maldives area across Rayalaseema, south interior Karnataka & Kerala, and extends up to 0.9km above mean sea level.

Temperature in Hyderabad stayed at 39 degrees Celsius, while Nizamabad recorded highest temperature with 41 degrees celsuis, as reported in DC.