Blast hits governor’s office in Yemen’s Aden, four dead

Aden: The governor of Yemen’s main southern city of Aden survived an attack today on his offices that killed four people and wounded 20 others.

“It was an attack by a rocket-propelled grenade,” said governor Nayef al-Bakri, who was unharmed by the assault on his temporary headquarters.

He said he had given orders to hunt down the assailants, who have not been identified.

The four dead were bodyguards for the governor, according to Aden security chief General Mohammed al-Musaed.

Bakri’s brother was seriously wounded and taken to a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in Aden, he told AFP.

Security officials and medics had earlier said that the blast was carried out by a bomb planted in the Aden Faculty of Administrative Sciences, which houses his offices.

It is the first such attack in Aden since pro-government forces retook the city from Iran-backed Shiite rebels in mid-July.

Bakri is known for his close ties to the Islamist Al-Islah Party.

He was deputy governor of Aden until the Huthi rebels advanced on the city in March after seizing the capital Sanaa.

Exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi later appointed him governor, rewarding him for remaining in the city during months of fierce fighting while many other provincial officials fled.

The recapture of Aden by loyalist forces supported by Saudi-led air strikes was a turning point in the conflict, paving the way for their advance across the south, although the rebels still hold Sanaa.

Aden was Hadi’s last refuge before he fled into exile in neighbouring Saudi Arabia in March.

Riyadh has since led a bombing campaign and air and sea blockade against the Huthis and their allies in a bid to restore his authority.

It has also provided training and equipment to loyalist forces.

The United Nations says the war has killed nearly 4,500 people, including many civilians.