Blake Lively hurt at ‘The Rhythm Section’ set

Los Angeles: Actress Blake Lively has sustained an injury to her hand on the set of “The Rhythm Section”.

Paramount studio confirmed on Monday that the injury has brought production on the spy thriller to a halt, reports

“Paramount, Global Road (formerly known as IM Global) and producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli confirmed that filming has been temporarily suspended on ‘The Rhythm Section’ as Blake Lively sustained an injury to her hand whilst filming an action sequence. Production will resume as soon as possible,” said a spokesperson for the movie.

Paramount had previously dated the movie for February 22, 2019. It’s currently unclear if the injury will affect the release.

“The Rhythm Section” is based on the first of Mark Burnell’s “Stephanie Patrick” series of four British novels. Lively stars as the main lead, who adopts the identity of an assassin to get to the bottom of her family’s death in an airplane crash after she finds out that it may not have been an accident.