Blackberry aims to make comeback, turns to software

London : Software company Blackberry has turned to software as Blackberry aims to make a comeback, investing hope in QNX, a maker of software that underpins car entertainment and data systems, which it bought in 2010.

According to The Guardian, the one-time giant of smartphones recently reported its lowest three-monthly total since 2004, with an operating loss of USD 258m.

Company’s chief executive, John Chen, has been looking for new opportunities ever since the company abandoned handsets altogether last year.

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Chen has strategically tried to revive the company while letting what remains of the customer base cover other operational costs.

He has focussed on software, where operating margins often beat 50 per cent, unlike hardware, which often struggles to get into double digits.

Moreover, BlackBerry has also signed deals with Ford and automotive parts makers such as Denso, Delphi, Bosch, and Scion.