BJP’s Sangeet Singh Som owned a ‘HALAL MEAT’ exporting company

The fiery BJP MLA Sangeet Singh Som whose speeches instigated communal violence in Muzaffarnagar founded to be one of India’s leading HALAL meat export companies, according to documents available with The Hindu.

As per reports, the company, Al-Dua Food Processing Private Ltd, was founded by Mr. Som, along with Moinuddin Qureshi and Yogesh Rawat after purchasing land for a meat processing unit in Aligarh in 2005.

According to Al-Dua’s website, the company is now describes itself as a “leading producer and exporter of “HALAL MEAT” from India” and a specialist in the export of “halal buffalo, sheep/lamb, goat meat and hides”.

Mr. Som admitted that he had purchased the land a few years ago but utterly denied having anything to do with meat business.

“I purchased the land which was sold to Al Dua Food Processing Private Limited after a few months,” he said.

“I am a Hindu hardliner hence there is no chance of getting involved in activities which are against my religion,” said Som, adding he would quit politics if his role in the factory was proved. Maybe he should.

Al Dua Food Processing Company was founded in December 19, 2005. Its statutory filings with the Ministry of Company Affairs show Som as director between 2005 and 2008.

But let’s take a look at this screenshot of the company’s 2007 annual report which shows Som was a director at the company.


According to, Som was also a shareholder in Al Dua. The company had three shareholders – Som, Mainnuddin Qureshi and Yogesh Rawat between 2005 and 2008. Each of them held 20,000 shares.


Apart from these, Mr. Som has also been involved as an additional director in Al-Anam Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. with Mr. Qureshi.