BJP’s game to divide Muslim votes in UP: Old players exploited

BJP leadership has come to know that by issuing statements to disrupt communal harmony is not going to pay in UP Assembly elections. Instead of raising slogans, it has decided to exploit the Muslims to work for the organization. BJP will make these Muslim leaders say all that which benefits it.

According to the reliable sources, the so-called Muslim parties will jump into the fray for UP elections. They will make an attempt to create an impression with the Muslim voters that they are their sympathizers and they alone have the right to represent them. They will blame various Central, State leaders and local parties for the backwardness of the Muslims. They would now proclaim that they would fight for their cause. They would blame that the leaders who were influential in UP were marginalized and such of the leaders who do not measure up to the expectations of the people were made leaders.

The sources indicated that BJP had commissioned the services of various Muslim parties and personalities. The interesting thing is that they themselves have started competing with each other. According to a report an editor of an infamous newspaper has also joined this group. His objection is that for dividing Muslim votes BJP has commissioned the leaders from Hyderabad. This journalists, in private meetings confessed that he is working for the division of Muslim votes. The sources also indicated that RSS leadership, PM Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah want to win UP elections at any cost. They have come to know that if SP or BSP wins these elections, BJP won’t be able to get even 20 Parliamentary seats from UP. In such a case it would be difficult for BJP to maintain its power in the center. BJP is dreaming to enhance Rajya Sabha MPs of its party by winning UP elections. In this situation, the so-called Muslim leaders are a ray of hope for BJP who are directly benefitting it through their irresponsible statements.

BJP is fully aware that it can win UP elections only by dividing Muslim votes and keeping away the Muslims and Dalits. It has seen that during the last parliamentary elections held in 2014, at least there were 20 out of 80 parliamentary constituencies where SP and BSP Muslim members occupied second position. If Muslims and Dalits jointly support BSP, it would form the Govt. in UP. After the success of Mayawati in UP, the slogans of Muslim-Dalit unity would echo in various other states of the country also.

Analyzing this situation has entrusted the job of dividing Muslim votes in UP elections. The Muslims of UP should very well understand of Sang Parivar and BJP that whatever be the result of UP election, it will certainly have effects in other states. It is therefore essential for the Muslim voters to vote in favour of a secular party jointly.

–Siasat News