BJP working against nationalistic agenda

Srinagar: The expelled senior BJP leader, Hari Om whose primary membership of the party was cancelled for criticising the party’s actions, including the formation of the coalition government with PDP, today said the party was working against its principals.

“The BJP which is ruling the state is diametrically opposite to the BJP which we have known and for which it was given a massive mandate in Jammu. It has chosen a course which is a total negation of its mandate,” Hari Om said while addressing a seminar on the BJP-PDP coalition government in the state organised by the Panun Kashmir.

He said that anybody who professes a “nationalist agenda and seeks the party to play a role of contesting separatist agenda and correct the bias practiced in the state against the province of Jammu and particularly against Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs were no longer welcome in the party.”

He claimed that the BJP has abandoned its stand on Article 370 as “the PDP-BJP run state government defended Article 35-A in the court.”

“The legislative mandate of BJP has been hostage to Agenda of Alliance which is an agenda of subversion and promotion not only of Greater Muslim Kashmir but breaking up of Jammu and Ladhakh,” he said.

He alleged that the Hindus have been forsaken to appease the communal separatist class in Kashmir. “PoK refugees and West Pakistan refugees have been abandoned… Situation in Kashmir is more dangerous than it was in 1990,” he said.