BJP workers avoid spreading ‘dirt’ on social media: PM Modi

BJP workers avoid spreading ‘dirt’ on social media: PM Modi

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modiji has finally taken some time out to discipline his party workers through a video interaction where he urged his party workers not to spread ‘dirt’ on social media.

He emphasized on how nowadays a petty quarrel among two families becomes a national news and how the party worker’s behaviour is defining their ideology, the Hindu reported.

He was replying to a question raised were he said, “People at times overstep the bounds of decorum. They hear or see something false and forward it. They don’t notice how much damage they are doing to society.

Some people use such words that do not belong to any decent society. They say or write anything about women.”

According to PM this is not something about any political party’s ideology but, “ it is about 125 crore Indians… and everybody should train themselves to never spread dirt through the social media.”

He said that his ‘Swachhta Abhiyan’ or cleanliness drive is about mental purity and not just about sanitation.

Modiji’s remarks comes at a time when his party is criticized for excessive use of foul language and misogynistic terminology.

However, the party has always rejected the charges levelled against them.

“Every village in India has now electricity, schools and toilets while the country has become the largest manufacturer of mobile phones,” he added.

He also added now India has become the fastest growing economy and fastest growing aviation market with more people flying than travelling in AC trains.