BJP will lose Lok Sabha polls if war takes place with Pak: Farooq Abdullah

Banihal (Jammu and Kashmir): BJP will lose the coming Lok Sabha elections if a war takes place with Pakistan, said former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah on Saturday.

Lashing out at the BJP for playing the politics of dividing people, Abdullah said: “They (BJP) are only destroying the country. If they think that they will win because of this war, then I want to say that they will lose because of this war.”

Talking to reporters here, Abdullah said: “The war has never ended with a decision. Four wars have taken place, but the line is still standing there. You can fight for a fifth time.”

“This time it won’t be a small war. If a war takes place now, then it will be a very big one and this matter will straight go to the Security Council. Then the resolutions of the Security Council will come up. Is India ready for that? Or they only want to kill the poor people here and on that side just to win elections? No result will come out of this,” he said.

Taking on the BJP further, Abdullah said: “Its politics is to divide the communities – divide Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian from one another. They want to win elections from this. They are invoking hatred among people.”

“I have said many times that election breaks us. It does not bring us together. It makes the country weak. If they want to contest elections, then they should tell what they have done in the past five years? Did they give jobs to two crore people? Did they do anything for farmers? Did development happen here,” he said.