BJP use Muslims to attain their goals and aims in 2019

NEW DELHI: Political mobilisation on the basis of religion begins ever since the Modi government came into power.

If BJP resort to communal polarization, Muslim political leaders too actively helped them in this communal project.

If the saffron party make use of sadhus, sants, mahants, god men and god women and other assorted Hindu religious leaders who actively and regularly mobilise the Hindu masses on a religious basis, Muslim leaders too lend their support in the process of mobilization.

Hate speeches by Muslim leaders

The ruling party did its best to “downplay tensions” between Hindus and Muslims. And Muslims leaders with their hate speeches are the support behind for harming the national interest.

The question arises why the BJP has not booked or jailed the Muslims leaders delivering threatening, abusive, insulting words or hate speeches ahead or during polls?

Why not the government has stopped broadcast media from airing hate speeches by the leaders from the minority community for vitiating the political and communal atmosphere?

Why not the government prosecutes them for their controversial statement?

Instead, they want to corner staunch social activist and journalist Teesta Setalvad who got 172 convictions, 124 to life imprisonment for 2002 Gujarat Riots.

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The answer is clear. They want to consolidate the votes of the common Hindus by stoking communal fires by creating hatred against Muslims and presenting them as monsters.

Beware Muslims; your leaders are ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’

It’s a harsh reality. But Muslim leaders are ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ that seeks the vote in the name of religion, caste or community. Also, the religious leaders appeal to their followers to vote for a particular political party. By doing this, the Muslim leaders are selling the community in wholesale.

Once a close associate of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the sacked Imam of Kolkata’s Tipu Sultan mosque, Maulana Noor-ur-Rehman Barkati has earlier threatened to wage ‘Jihad’ if India is declared ‘Hindu Rashtra.’

Now, take a look from Barkati’s shocking disclosure that was recently caught on tape saying that he can ‘influence’ 25 lakh Muslim votes in favour of BJP for ‘5 crore rupees only.’

He is ready to manipulate and influence the votes or voters in favour of a party that gives him money. Barkati’s claim on behalf of a cause that’s important to him or the ruling party projects his own wishes and desires.

This shows that BJP has set foot by purchasing Muslim leaders who will contest to ensure BJP’s victory.

What a pity, indeed, BJP’s Muslims with their smear campaigns moving around to provoke Muslims and the politics of communal polarization eventually benefits only the ruling saffron party, and none else.

Shockingly, the loud-mouthed Muslims active on speaking out against Hindutva forces, is almost silent.

This cynical and opportunistic approach by political leaders likely to hurt the poorest of the poor and also the marginalize Muslims.

Make up your own mind

The Holy Quran also directs Muslims to make every effort in preventing evil from occurring:

The believers, men and women, are protectors of each other: they enjoin what is right and forbid what is evil. – [9:71]

We can learn from experience since it only benefits the BJP. We can’t be the blind followers, we have to identify our inside enemies as well and vote wisely if we want democracy to prevail.