TS: BJP urges EC to conduct Assembly polls afresh

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP State unit today demanded that the Election Commission annul elections for the Telangana Legislative Assembly 2018 and hold fresh elections following large-scale irregularities in the voters list.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Electoral Officer of the State, the BJP said there were serious lapses in preparing voters list due to the negligence or ineffective functioning. The party also demanded that the EC ratify the electoral list of 2018 for the State of Telangana. We have been forced to come to a conclusion that these are the deliberate attempts made by the officials to favour certain political parties in Telangana State during General Elections 2018.

The increase of votes between 2009 and 2014 was inordinately high in some Assembly constituencies. The total increase in all of these 15 Hyderabad District Constituencies was 25.1% over the electors in 2009 elections. In one of the assembly segments, it was as high as 49%. The increase of number of electors between 2014 and electoral list released for General Assembly is only around 2.4% almost 10 times lower than the increase between 2009 and 2014. The past experience suggests that the rate of increase of electors in cities is generally greater than those in rural areas. But strangely, the number of electors has decreased between 2014 and 2018 in six of the 15 assembly constituencies as shown in the enclosed sheet.

Ex-facie, it is established beyond debate that the number added or deleted in several revisions during 2018 has been rather volatile throwing up some strange numbers. In the several constituencies particularly in Muslim dominated areas, there are two votes in different epic numbers, one with husband name, one with father name, with same house number, same polling station.

For example: in Amberpet Assembly constituency there are 3,121 voters with same house No. with different EPIC, and with there are 424 voters with same EPIC with two votes with different polling stations and 210 voters with same EPIC same Polling Station. Further, there are 5576 interchange names with different EPICs. Thus there are total 9331 voters are being double entries in the electoral list. It is further submitted that as per the Electoral List there are only one vote in 20448 houses, it is impossible that only one in the house, it clearly demonstrates that the officials deliberately removed the voters from the list. Likewise in the other constituencies of the state there are many bogus votes and also purposefully the officials have deleted valid votes.

The party is of the view that the voters list is being deliberately hidden from the General Public and to support certain political parties and leaders, earlier the enrolled voters names were checked and cross-checked through door numbers. Now, this facility has been discontinued. We are of the view that this action is only to protect the identity of bulk bogus voters in various Assembly Constituencies.

In many constituencies, the counted votes are more than actual polled votes. Similarly, the deletion of the votes just before the polling process is a deliberate attempt to delete the voters which would not be in favour of the ruling party, similarly, several other irregularities have been noticed including that of non-functioning of EVMs, VVPTs, etc.

In the letter, it said that one of the party General Secretary has also filed RTI application for collecting this information with concerned authorities, but there is no response for the same.
The letter was signed by MLA Raja Singh, MLC N Ramachander rao and ex-MLA G Kishan Reddy.