BJP urged to pass women reservation bill in winter session

New Delhi: Women activists and organisations on Wednesday demanded that the long pending Women’s Reservation Bill be passed in the upcoming winter session of parliament.
The activists demanded the passage of the bill at the earliest citing the fact that the current BJP government had a majority of 366 seats out of 543 in the Lok Sabha, which was enough to fulfil the BJP’s political manifesto promise.
“The women of this country demand equal representation of women in politics and that should happen as soon as possible,” the release quoted Joint Women’s Programme President Jyotsna Chatterjee as saying.
They said the bill had got support from various political and government leaders including President Ram Nath Kovind, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and BJP Lok Sabha MP Varun Gandhi.
“There is no question of lack of consensus among political parties for the passage of the Bill. It is the responsibility of the BJP government to pass this bill in this session of parliament and to fulfil the promise they had made in their election manifesto,” Centre for Social Research Director Ranjana Kumari said.