BJP trying to kill me, alleges Hardik Patel

Rajkot (Gujarat): Congress leader Hardik Patel on Friday accused the BJP of trying to attack and kill him.

This comes after a man slapped Hardik Patel while he was addressing a gathering at the Jan Akrosh Sabha in Surendranagar.

When asked about the incident, Patel told ANI, “BJP is trying to attack and kill me the same way Haren Pandya was murdered and fake encounters were done. Man who slapped me is connected to BJP leaders, you can see it on his Facebook profile.”

Hardik was in the middle of his speech here when the attacker got on to the stage and slapped him.

Mahendra Baghedia, Superintendent of Police Surendranagar, later clarified that Tarun Gajjar, the man who slapped Hardik Patel, is not related to any party but is just a common man.

“The man is not affiliated to any party, he is a common man. Law is taking its own course,” said Mahendra.