BJP took light on Political yatra of Pawan Kalyan

Reacting on political yatra of Janasena president Pawan Kalyan, Telangana BJP official spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao said people of Telangana would reject Janasena as pawan kalyan was against the formation of telangana state.

People of Telangana don’t suffer from memory loss & understand that Pawan Kalyan was dead against Telangana formation & has even abused those who fought and died for the separate statehood. His package politics in both Andhra Pradesh & Telangana will be rejected by people, he said.
Stating that Pawan Kalyan’s four year old under construction project ‘Jsana Sena’ is the B- team of TRS, Krishna Saagar Rao expressed apprehension that there may be a possible deal between KCR and Pawan Kalyan as the CM and his government who does not allow any leader or any party to reach out to the masses in the state. But Pawan Kalyan is undertaking a political yatra, he said.

Janasena is bereft of ideology, leaders, cadre & sincerity. Pawan Kalyan who kept promising the people of Andhra Pradesh that he will be a questioner, has clearly turned into a full time eulogizer of both the chief ministers.
No wonder both the CM’s are plotting to utilize this ‘election season politician’ to divide their anti establishment vote. What’s quite funny about Pawan Kalyan is that, he brags that he is a follower of Periyar Rama Swamy of Dravidian Movement, but he uses Hindi slogan for his first political Yatra from Telangana – Chalore Chalore Chal Chalore. It exposes the man’s opportunism to simply use North & South divide for political outcomes with zero sincerity towards language or regional discrimination issue.

BJP believes that Pawan Kalyan’s style of politics will be rejected by Telangana people. He neither has sincerity to serve people nor any sense of responsibility, especially towards the people of Telangana. His movie Janasena is a flop show, even before it’s released, Rao said in a release here. (NSS)