BJP told me to keep quiet, leaders never stood by me: Navjot Kaur

Amritsar: A day after resigning from the BJP, Navjot Kaur Sidhu today alleged the party always asked her to keep “quiet” and that its leaders never stood by her whenever she raised voice against the Shiromani Akali Dal or SAD.

Ms Kaur, who had been at loggerheads with the SAD-BJP led government in Punjab over the development projects in Amritsar, also claimed that BJP workers were being harassed at the behest of Akali Dal and late RSS leader Jagdish Gagneja was against the continuance of the alliance.

She said she would not resign from the Assembly and continue to carry out development works in Amritsar East Assembly constituency.

“I always thought of raising voice against wrongdoings… When I demanded money for my area, funds were not released. I was told such things happen in politics. I approached my party and leaders many a times, asking them for funds. They told me keep my mouth shut and said funds would be released soon. I was told I should not worry if something wrong is happening. There is an alliance, you do not speak against it,” she told reporters.

“99 per cent of BJP workers are being harassed at the behest of SAD. There is nobody listening to their grievances. We were told that alliance means you do not have to open your mouth even if any wrongdoing takes place. You just watch, support the mafia but do not raise your voice against it,” she alleged.

She said she brought to the party’s notice that SAD was “misbehaving with our workers and funds for development projects were not being released. They (BJP leaders) took it lightly and never stood by me. Also, they did not take action against BJP leaders who were involved in corruption”.

Ms Kaur said the party “should have told us beforehand that we have to keep quiet even if we see scam, mafia raj and cover all sorts of scams” and that she did not join politics to keep mum on wrongdoings taking place in the state.

Late RSS leader Jagdish Gagneja was also against BJP continuing the alliance with SAD.

“Gagneja said non-performer BJP leaders should not be given ticket again. He was also against BJP’s alliance with SAD. He said he would make every effort so that the Assembly elections are fought without partnering with SAD. It was his stand even on his last day. I met him frequently. He was the person who held me back from resigning. When Sidhu (her husband) resigned, he was very angry,”