BJP slams Congress, says development is our only vested interest in J&K

BJP on Monday countered Congress’ allegation that the party was dividing the people of Jammu and Kashmir along communal lines, saying its only vested interest in the state is development and to reinvigorate normalcy through it.

“It is both dishonourable and unprincipled on Congress’ part to lead people into believing that BJP has vested interests in Jammu and Kashmir and is dividing the people of the state along communal lines,” state BJP spokesperson Arun Gupta said.

“Everyone at the end of the day needs reassurance in the form of security of employment, food and shelter. These are the fruits of development and it is BJP’s only vested interest in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

“Is working towards development of the state communal? Development provides employment in turn. Does Congress intend to push the idea that employment and prosperity is communal?” Gupta asked.

“Decades of inefficient rule by the two players has left the state in the lurch. The BJP-PDP combine is looking to reinvigorate normalcy in the state,” he added.

Following Congress’ defeat in Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) elections last month, the party leaders had alleged that BJP has vested interests in Jammu and Kashmir and is dividing the people of the state on communal lines.

Criticising the “double-talk of secularism that Congress is employing in the state”, Gupta questioned the intent behind the “new found anti-India enthusiasm” displayed by Congress and National Conference (NC).

“Congress along with NC completely opposed the Accession day celebrations. Aren’t they actually trying to confuse the people over the conclusiveness of J&K s Accession to India? Are they not trying to instigate the people in Kashmir on communal lines?” Gupta asked.

Commenting on defeat of Congress in LAHDC polls, he said, “People of Ladakh are sharp and have an astute understanding of what they want. Congress and NC’s divisive designs fell flat on their face in elections as people want to see development.”

“Once the results of true development start showing, it is only a matter of time that the populace in Kashmir as well will start opening their eyes to the politics of hate that the region’s two major players have been propagating,” he said.