BJP, Shiv Sena govt restore Maharashtra’s lost glory: Amit Shah

Sangli: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah on Wednesday hit out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi and NCP chief Sharad Pawar claiming that under their government Maharashtra lagged behind in every area and it was BJP and Shiv Sena which have restored the state’s lost glory.

Addressing an election rally in Maharashtra’s Sangli, Shah said: “The credit to bring development in Maharashtra goes to the BJP government as it lagged behind in every area under the rule of Congress and NCP. It was the BJP and Shiv Sena government who worked very hard to restore Maharashtra’s lost glory.”

“Rahul Baba is sympathising with the poor now. Sharad Pawar ruled for so many years… the Gandhi family ruled the country for five generations… But they did nothing for the upliftment of the underprivileged sections of the society,” he said.

Comparing the funds allocated for the state under BJP and Congress government, Shah said: “Under the 13th Finance Commission, the UPA government gave only Rs 1.15 billion for the development of Maharashtra. But, when you made Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of this country, Maharashtra received Rs 4 lakh 38 thousand 760 crores under the 14th Finance Commission.”

The BJP president also lambasted the Congress for raising questions over the country’s security. He said: “For ten years, there was the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government in the country; they put the security of the country at stake for vote bank. They did nothing even when our soldiers were beheaded by terrorists.”

“There were only two countries in the world, which used to take revenge for the blood of their soldiers — one America and the other is Israel. Now, the third is India under the Narendra Modi government. As this is a land of Shivaji Maharaj, our country’s defence, security and culture are important for all of us. I can guarantee you that only Narendra Modi can secure them,” Shah added.

Slamming the Congress for not adopting a tough approach on terror, Shah said that the most important task accomplished by the BJP government is providing security to the country. “Kashmir is an integral part of India and no one can separate it. Congress can’t keep our country secure and safe. Only Prime Minister Modi is capable of doing this and we will adopt ‘zero-tolerance’ policy against terrorism.”

“In Jammu and Kashmir, National Conference (NC) leader Omar Abdullah put a demand of having two prime ministers in the country, I want to ask Rahul Gandhi, what is his response to those who want to divide the country,” he asked.

Claiming that Congress party, Akhilesh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee, and Mayawati are supporting illegal migrants in the name of human rights, Shah said: “Why you are favouring them? Are they (illegal migrants) your ‘chachere bhai’ (cousins)? What about the bomb blasts orchestrated by them? They are like termites on the internal security of our country and our soldiers’ rights.”

Shah asserted that the BJP’s Sankalp Patra (manifesto) is in the favour of the country and the party will ensure development in every sector. “We will ensure development in every sector as we are committed to ‘sabka sath sabka vikas’. We have provided reservation to Savarn Samaj (community) and I have asked Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to give benefits to farmers through retrospective effect,” he said.

The Lok Sabha polls for 48 parliamentary seats in Maharashtra began on April 11. It has been staggered in four phases till April 29. The results will be declared on May 23.