BJP Senior Kishan Reddy’s wife is crorepati

BJP Senior Kishan Reddy’s wife is crorepati

Hyderabad: According to the affidavit, which the BJP senior G. Kishan Reddy filed along with his nomination papers on Monday, he draws an income of Rs 34 lakhs.

His wife G.Kavya has income of Rs 15 lakhs which she earns through business while Mr Reddy’s income is the salary which he receives as an MLA.

His movable assets are only Rs 68 lakh while his wife owns investments worth Rs 3.6 crore.

The immovable wealth of his wife is worth Rs 1.8 crore while his properties have been valued Rs 1.02 crore.

Ms Reddy owes Rs 25 lakh to her husband and Rs 20 lakh to her relative.

Mr Kishan Reddy has no liability according to his filings.