BJP says Kejriwal autocrat after Khetans quits AAP

New Delhi: The BJP on Wednesday described Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as an autocrat who cannot digest any vocal difference, in the party’s reaction to AAP leader Ashish Khetan’s resignation from the party.

“Be it Ashish Khetan’s quitting or Ashutosh’s leaving AAP or desertion of AAP by most of its founder-members, it all clearly establishes that Kejriwal is a ‘tughlaqi’ autocrat who cannot digest any vocal difference,” said Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari.

He said Kejriwal is one-time wonder whose ‘charisma’ is fast losing its sheen within and outside his own party. “It now appears that by the time of next assembly elections in 2020, AAP will vanish from the political horizon,” the BJP MP from northeast Delhi said.

Tiwari said that to fulfil his political ambitions, the AAP convenor brought together a rabble of politically ambitious activists who had no political ideology.

“And with the passage of time this gathering converted into a wrestling arena. Slowly and steadily, most of the members in this wrestling arena called AAP have recognized the true face of Kejriwal,” Tiwari said. “This arena has started crumbling; and soon his party will be a part of history,” Tiwari added.

Khetan announced his resignation from the party on Facebook, a week after another leader, Ashutosh, took a similar decision.