BJP says it will withdraw free electricity scheme: AAP

New Delhi: Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday accused that the BJP will withdraw the scheme of giving free 200 unit electricity and said this shows that the party is “anti-people”.

Speaking to the media, AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said the BJP has made its stand clear on the scheme.

“Today they have made it clear that the BJP does not support the scheme to give free electricity up to 200 units to the people. The BJP was always anti-poor and anti-people,” Singh told media here.

He said that at a time when everywhere the price of electricity is going up, the AAP government is giving free electricity till 200 unit and providing subsidy for consumption up to 400 units.

He accused that BJP leader and MP Vijay Goel had said that if the BJP comes to power then they will withdraw the scheme of free electricity till 200 unit.

“Today Goel said that if they come to power then they will withdraw the scheme of free electricity till 200 unit,” Singh said.

He also said that the BJP will not come to power because the people of Delhi have made up their mind to vote for the AAP.

He further said that Goel, as a Rajya Sabha MP, gets 5,000 unit electricity free every month which makes 60,000 free unit per year. “But when the AAP government gives 200 unit free electricity to poor people the BJP opposes it.”

“BJP says that Arvind Kejriwal is bringing these schemes to buy the votes of people. BJP says that by giving security to women, by improving education & health, by giving electricity & water subsidy or by installing CCTV AAP is trying to buy votes, which shows how anti-poor and anti-people mindset BJP has,” Singh added.