BJP, RSS holding Iftar party for Muslims is “nothing but a joke”, says Pawar

Mumbai: Mocking RSS and BJP’s rumour of holding Iftar party for Muslim’s, NCP Party president Sharad Pawar on Wednesday said it is “nothing but a joke”.

NCP president Pawar had held an Iftar party at the Haj House to mark the ongoing month of Ramazan on Wednesday evening, PTI reported.

Addressing the party attended by prominent NCP leaders and members of the Muslim community, Pawar took a jab at RSS and BJP without naming them.

He said: “I have read in newspapers that a Nagpur-based organisation and a political party, which are known to tear the social fabric and communal harmony, are also offering daavat (invite for a feast).”

“Coming in this holy month (of Ramazan), it is nothing but a joke,” he adds.

“It shows that these people have some other motives. But still, I am very hopeful that the country will move in the right direction in coming days,” hopeful at BJP’s defeat, Pawar said.

NCP party leaders Ajit Pawar, Majid Memon, Sachin Ahir, DP Tripathi and Dhananjay Munde were present at the event.