BJP reacts to Rahul’s ‘feku’ remark, dubs him Congress ‘Baby’

New Delhi, Sept. 19 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday dubbed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi as a ‘baby of the Congress’ after his ‘feku’ jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his rally in Ramnagar.

“Rahul Gandhi is a ‘baby’ of Congress. Neither people in his party nor the people of this country, take him seriously. It was told earlier that he would be made the president of the party, but because of all these misleading comments, he is not being made the president,” BJP national secretary Srikant Sharma told ANI here.

“People of Bihar have also not taken him seriously and that is why you could see that big leader like Lalu and Nitish skipped his rally,” he added.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had dubbed Prime Minister Modi as a ‘feku’ in his rally.

“Prime Minister Modi promised two lakh jobs, promised Rs.15 Lakh to each account and to reduce high prices. Did it happen? ‘ Feku tha, hai’ (He was a braggart and will remain one). If you look around you wouldn’t find anyone wearing a suit or boot,” said Rahul Gandhi. (ANI)