BJP re-iterates Bihar debacle has not affected PM Modi’s ‘popularity’

Kuala Lumpur, Nov. 22 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday continued to maintain their stand that the Bihar debacle in no way had affected the image of Prime Minster Narendra Modi and that he still remained one of the most popular leaders in the world.

“The Bihar elections did not go in our favour but that does not affect the Prime Minister. Yes, it was a setback for the BJP but the PM’s popularity remains intact,” BJP general secretary Ram Madhav told ANI here.

Talking about the grand event tonight in honour of the Prime Minister tonight in Kuala Lumpur, Madhav added that the Indian diaspora were waiting excitedly to listen to his address and that it proved that his popularity had not been affected.

Talking about the general sense of excitement among the Indians in Kuala Lumpur, he added that the diaspora was waiting eagerly for his address during the glittering gala in the evening.

“Leaders from 27 different nations are here, but most of the posters that you can see are all for PM Modi. From the airport to the city you can see hoardings welcoming him. So you can see how excited the Indian community is here,” Madhav said.

Prime Minister Modi arrived here on Saturday early morning and addressed the ASEAN-India Summit and East Asia Summit.

He will depart for Singapore tonight. (ANI)