BJP purchased properties worth crores of rupees days before note ban

Mumbai: BJP bought acres of land worth crores of rupees to utilise its “black money”, days before PM Modi’s surprised announcement on November 8 even executed proving  that the drive wasn’t as secret an operation as PM Modi claims.

This has throw up questions that the party is well versed about the central government’s decision and therefore adopted this innovative way to convert black money into white.

According to reports by Catch News, the land deals, also made on behalf of Amit Shah were in a planned manner. The payments for construction were also made in advance.


“The party, in power at the Centre, bought several land parcels in Bihar up to the first week of November. And on 8 November Modi announced the ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000”, Catch News claimed in its report published on Saturday morning.

Sanjeev Chaurasia, a BJP legislator in Bihar, has admitted that land was bought in Bihar and other places “up to the first week of November”.

“Sab jagah khareeda jaa raha tha… Bihar ke saath aur jagah bhi khareeda jaa raha hai… Hum log to sirf signatory authority hi hain paisa to party ki taraf se aaya tha… saari zameein khareedi hain… party karyalay ke liye aur anya kaamo ke liye… November 1st week tak zameein khareedi hain.”

(“Land was being bought everywhere… In other places too, along with Bihar… We are merely the signatory authority; the money came from the party… the plots were bought for building party offices and other purposes. They were bought up to the first week of November.”)


A local Hindi news channel in Bihar on Thursday telecast a report that the BJP purchased land in 25 districts of Bihar ahead of demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes announced on November 8.

According to reports, the BJP purchased land in more than two dozen districts, including Saharsa, Patna, Madhubani, Katihar, Madhepura, Lakhisarai, Kishanganj and Arwal.

The size of the plots acquired ranged from 250 sq feet to about half an acre. Their values range between Rs 8 lakh to Rs 1.16 crore. The costliest plot of land was bought at Rs 1,100 per sq feet.

NDA-led BJP government playing politics over demonetization where people are dying for their own money but the The party protected their people by allowing them to convert their black money into white through selective leakage.

This clearly shows who are the real supporters of black are and proves that the demonetisation drive is a “selective leakage” and wasn’t as secret an operation as Prime Minister claims.

With inputs from Catch News and IANS