Is BJP planning to replace Modi in this Lok Sabha elections?

New Delhi: BJP Party shall return to power with a full majority under the leadership of Modi asserted Senior party leader Nitin Gadkari rubbishing off speculations over replacing Narendra Modi.

There is no such “220 club” in BJP and Modi will return to power said Road Transport and Highways Minister, TOI reports.

“There is no such thing. Those who want to write will write,” Gadkari responded to a posed question that he was often mentioned as a leader who could work with allies and was also close to the RSS.

“I don’t do such calculations or have any such expectations. I am a worker of the party. I am sure that the work done under PM Narendra Modi will result in a full majority. So no such situation is going to happen,” he said.

Playing the sympathy card, Gadkari said it was unfortunate that the air strikes and Ram mandir were being politicized and the opposition’s demands for proof of air strikes on terror camps in Pakistan.

“People are laughing at them (opposition). Do you seek proof of what our forces have done and their intentions?” he asked.

The language used by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi in attacking Modi was deplorable he said.

“People should respect the PM’s post. Using derogatory remarks is very bad. It’s unfortunate to see what Congress is doing,” he added.

BJP’s development record will make voters help Modi to come back power for the second consecutive term as the party’s development has impacted people positively and had generated goodwill.