BJP is open enemy of the Muslims, says Anjan Kumar Yadav

HYDERABAD: Former Hyderabad city Congress President and Congress candidate for the Parliamentary Constituency, Secunderabad, Mr Anjan Kumar Yadav told that BJP is an open enemy of the Muslims.

He put a question to PM Modi who is shedding crocodile tears for Muslim women by introducing Triple Talaq Bill whether he has given the right to his wife?

He told this while addressing public meetings held at Musheerabad and adjoining areas in connection with the election campaign.

He termed KCR as the younger brother of Modi who is a liar. He criticized KCR for supporting the stand taken by BJP in connection with the issues pertaining to Demonetization, Triple Talaq Bill, GST etc.

He further told that by introducing Triple Talaq Bill, BJP hurt the sentiments of the Muslims whereas Congress opposed it.

He also told that now the time has come to dislodge BJP government. If it is not done, they would pose danger to democracy and secularism.

He appealed to people to vote for Congress to strengthen the hands of Mr Rahul Gandhi.