BJP not interested in running Parliament: Congress

New Delhi, Aug 8: The Congress Party on Saturday hit back at the Narendra Modi led-BJP Government, saying that the government is not interested in running the Parliament and suggested to them to come forward and work with the opposition.

“The strategy of the Congress Party in Parliament is very clear. There are issues that the BJP has to come forward and address. Corruption is one of the main issues that we are talking about. We had minister (Sushma Swaraj) speaking to a house where there was no opposition. And then she came up with a speech that was extremely hollow and had no leg to stand on,” RPN Singh told the press conference.

“I don’t think the BJP Government is interested in running the Parliament. After all, it is function of the government to run the Parliament. They have to reach out to the opposition and work out a strategy. Our MPs were suspended who were not even in the house. So, what does this government want to do? Does it wants to follow the Gujarat role model where the current prime minister, who was the chief minister and the leader of the opposition, he used to be thrown out and pass the bills. That kind of democracy is not something that this country is ready for,” he added.

Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan had earlier this week suspended 25 Congress MPs over disruption of parliamentary proceedings under ruling 374 (A), leading to outrage from various quarters.

The grand old party, since then have been protesting outside the Parliament and are expected to return to the Lower House on Monday. (ANI)