BJP never did politics of religious polarisation: Rajnath

New Delhi: BJP never did nor will it do politics of religious polarisation, Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said, stressing that the “secular” parties need to be cautious in the wake of the Supreme Court order that candidates should not seek votes in the name of religion, caste or creed.

Asked if his party will raise the issue of Ram temple in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, Singh said the matter is sub-judice.

“After the Supreme Court order, the so-called secular parties should be cautious,” he said, adding that the court was “absolutely right” and politics should not involve caste or religion.

“BJP neither did politics of polarisation nor will it do in future. I feel if it was doing politics of polarisation, it would not have got clear majority in Parliament.

“It is for the first time that a non-Congress party has got clear majority in Parliament. Now to accuse that political party and its workers and volunteers is not right,” he said.

On the Supreme Court order, he said, “Whatever Supreme Court has said is absolutely right. I fully agree with whatever the apex court has said.

“Politics should not be on the lines of caste, cult or religion. Politics should be only in the name of humanity and justice.