BJP must have issued ‘maafinama’, not manifesto: Ahmed Patel

New Delhi: The Congress on Monday took a dig at the BJP for putting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture on the cover of its Lok Sabha election manifesto and said the party should instead issue a ‘maafinama’ (apology).

“The difference between the BJP and Congress manifestos can be seen from the cover page. Ours has a crowd of people and BJP’s has just one man. Instead of a manifesto, the BJP should have come out with a ‘maafinama’,” party leader Ahmed Patel tweeted.

Patel said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was repeating the promises made in its 2014 manifesto simply by pushing the deadlines in the 2019 election manifesto released on Monday.

“For its 2019 manifesto, the BJP has copy pasted its 2014 manifesto and changed all previous deadlines from 2019 to 2022, 2032, 2047, 2097. Luckily, they didn’t shift any deadlines to the next century.”

Patel said that it was the BJP’s arrogance that it did not take any questions after releasing the manifesto.

“After we presented our manifesto, we held a detailed Q&A session. After the BJP presented its manifesto, all their leaders went home without even taking a single question… It is this arrogance which will bring them down on May 23,” Patel said.