BJP MPs obstruct Murli Manohar Joshi’s suggestions for a review of GDP mechanism

Murli Manohar Joshi, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Estimates in a draft report suggested that the government study the mechanism evolved for GDP estimation. It prompted BJP members in the committee to forcefully oppose the proposals and block the report’s adoption in a meeting.

The report was tabled in the Estimates Committee meeting on Thursday, created a rift among the BJP parliamentarians of the panel, as Mr Joshi was in a favour of adopting the report, while other party members led by MP ishikant Dubey strongly opposed it.

They claimed that in the eyes of the IMF, World Bank and international rating agencies this report could dent the credibility of India’s economic growth and GDP projection.

The accuracy of the data, survey and parameters adopted to measure employment and unemployment levels were also questioned in the draft report. This triggered more opposition from Nishikant Dubey-led BJP MPs, who command a majority in the committee.

Measuring Growth, Employment & Income, chairman Joshi is also learnt to have recommended in the draft report. The central government will evolve a mechanism by bringing new measures for GDP estimation by including statistical data of larger social factors and real-time data.

As the BJP MP’s continuing with their opposition, the chairman asked the critics to give a written suggestion for alteration/modification within a week.

The draft report concluded that the mechanism evolved for GDP estimation needs review and that many more factors need to be incorporated in statistical measurement of socio-economic factors so that GDP reflects reality and perception.

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