BJP MP says remove ‘Muslim’ in AMU as it’s uncomfortable

AGRA: The word ‘Muslim’ in Aligarh Muslim University’s name makes many people uncomfortable and would not be a bad idea to rename the over-a-century-old varsity, said BJP’s Aligarh MP Satish Gautam.

Talking about the Alighar Muslim university, he said that “The word ‘Muslim’ makes a large section of the society uncomfortable. It will be suitable to call it’s as Aligarh University.”

However, when asked if Banaras Hindu University should also be renamed, he stated that “India is a Hindu Rashtra and there is no point in removing ‘Hindu’ from the BHU.”

While speaking to the Times of India, he further stated that “The university is undoubtedly run with a pro-Muslim mindset and it is visible in every act of theirs. They have a holiday for Eid but not for the biggest Hindu festival, like Diwali. They allow Muslim students to offer ‘namaz’ on the campus but there is no temple there. If they are really secular, they should have a temple, a gurdwara and church there too.”

“Being the central government’s representative, it is my duty to speak whenever things go wrong. I will never be silent on the issues that harm national interests. I am against the mentality that prevails and drives things there and not the institute,” he added.