BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj claims he received death threat from Al Qaeda

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj on Thursday claimed that he has received a death threat from the Islamist outfit Al Qaeda, ANI tweeted.

The 59-year-old lawmaker from Unnao constituency of Uttar Pradesh is known for his offensive communal remarks.

The four-time Lok Sabha MP had earlier said that Muslims should be stripped of their minority status, alleging that the community has been waging a ‘population jihad’ in the country.

He even called out to Muslim clerics to issue fatwas to control the population of the community, while urging Hindu families to give birth to four children to protect Hinduism, earlier reports said.

In June, the BJP legislator had remarked that he is a true Muslim and Prophet Mohammed is the biggest practitioner of yoga. However Sakshi Maharaj enjoys a high profile security as he is one of the controversial leader of the country. Further details of threat are awaited.