BJP MP praises Priyanka Gandhi, leaves party red-faced

NEW DELHI: BJP’s Karnal MP Ashwini Kumar Chopra has praised Priyanka Gandhi and compared her with Indira Gandhi in a Punjabi newspaper that he edits. His remarks more or less mark his parting of ways with BJP.

According to the report published in Times of India, he embarrassed the saffron camp by praising Priyanka and he also made it clear that he would not contest the Lok Sabha election due to ill-health.

He said he had a good bond with the family, as he had been a neighbour of Priyanka in Lodhi Estate in Delhi and he further added that no political colour should be given to his comments.

Earlier he had made serious allegations against state officials and also the team of CM Manohar Khattar, leaving the party embarrassed. There were many instances when he embarrassed the BJP. In 2015, he had alleged that the CM Khattar was surrounded by corrupt officials who were ruining the state.

He described Priyanka’s entry into active politics as well-timed and also compared her with her grandmother.