BJP ‘most casteist party’ should not give us lessons on Lohia: Akhilesh Yadav

Lucknow: Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks on Ram Manohar Lohia as an “election gimmick”, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday alleged BJP, the “most casteist party” in the country, should not give out lessons on the principles of socialism.

Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement earlier today that opposition parties were betraying principles of Ram Manohar Lohia, Yadav said: “We do not want to learn from BJP. They should not teach us. As elections are approaching and BJP does not have its own leaders so they want to claim every other leader into their party.”

“BJP is the most casteist party in the country. But this year the country is ready to avenge and they will throw them out of power,” Akhilesh told ANI.

Asking BJP to tell people the benefit of demonetisation and GST, Akhilesh said, “Today India stands last in employment, gender equality and many other issues. If Lohia ji was alive, he would have protested against BJP policies and politics.”

In a blog titled “Remembering Dr. Lohia,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday wrote, “Dr Lohia would be horrified at the political developments taking place…Those parties that falsely claim to be Dr Lohia’s followers are desperate to form an opportunistic Maha Milawat or adulteration alliances with the same Congress. It is both ironical and reprehensible.”

Prime Minister Modi exclaimed that 130 crore Indians face a moot question today, which he said was, “How can those who betrayed Dr Lohia be expected to serve the nation?”

“Today they are betraying the principles of Dr Lohia, tomorrow they will also betray the people of India,” wrote Prime Minister Modi.