BJP MLA’s wife thrashed in Maharashtra, blames ex-wife

Yavatmal (Maharashtra): A group of people including women thrashed Priya Shinde, wife of BJP MLA from Arni constituency Raju Todsam, here on Tuesday.

A short video clip that went viral showed Priya being beaten up by some women.

Later, Priya alleged that Raju’s ex-wife, Archana, and his relatives were behind the incident.

She claimed, “Four cars came, one of them rammed into our car from the front. There were around 30-40 people. I was their main target.”

The incident apparently happened when MLA Raju was returning from an event along with Priya and other friends.

Raju also claimed that he too was beaten up. He said, “Some people came and started beating me and my wife. Then, they took me away in a vehicle. Later, I went to a police station. I got so injured that I had to be admitted in a hospital.”