BJP MLA’s daughter, husband roughed up outside court

ALLAHABAD: The Allahabad High Court on Monday gave directions to police to provide protection to Sakshi Misra, daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Misra, and her husband Ajitesh after he was allegedly roughed up by unknown persons in the court’s premises here.

“Only Ajitesh was beaten up. It is not known who were these people. But it proves that there is indeed a threat to their life for which they were seeking protection,” SMA Nasim, the lawyer, told ANI.

On July 11, Sakshi had moved the Allahabad High Court to seek police protection, citing threat to her life from her father after marrying Ajitesh from outside her caste.

The matter came to light on Wednesday after Sakshi had posted a video on social media requesting the police to provide security as she and her husband faced a threat from her father and brother, who, she alleged, were trying to get her killed.

She had married Dalit youth Ajitesh Kumar on July 4.

In the video Sakshi was seen saying that because she married Ajitesh against the wishes of her family in a temple, she faces threat to her life from her father.

The couple is seen appealing to the police to provide them protection, as police officer claimed that only a written complaint can be acted upon.