BJP MLA says ‘Hindustan belongs to Hindus’ and objected people celebrating New year on Jan 1st

Uttar Pradesh: Vikram Saini, a BJP Legislator from Uttar Pradesh kicked up a controversy on Monday when he said that Nation belongs to Hindus as it is called Hindustan. The remark comes after a Union Minister’s comments made into headlines when he said that the constitution be changed to remove secularism from it.

According to the news reported in Hindustan Times, Vikram Saini is MLA for Khatauli from Muzaffarnagar. He said that people of India should celebrate New Year as per Hindu calendar according to which New Year’s Day is on March 18.

Addressing a programme on Maharaja Saini Jayanti at Ramlila Tilla in Muzaffarnagar, he said that “I am a hardcore believer of Hindutva. Our nation is called Hindustan which means a nation for Hindus.”

On December 24, Union junior Minister for employment and skill development Anatkumar Hegde made cmments which made into headlines. He said in Karnataka that people “claiming to be secular and progressive do not have an identity of their parents and their blood”. He further added that “We are here to change the Constitution.”