BJP MLA moves resolution calling for capital punishment for cow slaughter

Jammu: Calling for a state wide implementation of the High Court order banning sale of beef in Jammu and Kashmir, a BJP MLA on Friday moved a resolution in the legislative assembly demanding capital punishment for those found slaughtering the bovine animal in the state.

BJP MLA from Nawshere assembly constituency Ravinder Raina has moved a resolution in the assembly in which he has asked for a complete ban on cow slaughter and sale of beef as per the directions passed by the High court of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Those who are found guilty should be awarded capital punishment” the resolution read.

It added that all cow slaughter houses and shops selling beef should be sealed and their licenses cancelled with immediate effect as per the guidelines of the High court.

J&K High court had on Wednesday given a week’s time to the state government to file its response to a writ petition seeking to strike down the Constitutional provisions criminalising bovine slaughter in the state.