BJP MLA calls Mamata Surpanakha. Modi’s advice to partymen falls on deaf ears

Just days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked party MPs and MLAs to refrain from making controversial statements, a legislator from Uttar Pradesh did just that.

Surendra Singh, BJP MLA from Bairia, Uttar Pradesh, said that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is playing the role of “Surpanakha” and the Congress of “Ravana”. He said that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will chop the nose of this Surpanakha. Surpanakha was the sister of demon king Ravana.

The BJP MLA said that “people are getting killed on streets and she [Mamata Banerjee] being the CM isn’t doing anything about it. Such a leader isn’t a good one”.

“Hindus are unsafe in Bengal. If nothing is done about it, Bengal will face a situation like that in Jammu and Kashmir,” BJP MLA Surendra Singh said, accusing Mamata Banerjee of “playing the role of Surpanakha”.

The BJP MLA said that the Laxman who will defeat Supranakha has taken birth and “Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will chop the nose of Surpanakha”.

Surendra Singh said that “terrorists from Bangladesh have entered West Bengal and are torturing Hindus. Fortunately, we have leader like Modi ji and we’ll oust all foreign elements from Bengal”. “The Congress is playing role of Ravana,” the BJP MLA said.

Surendra Singh, however, is not new to controversy. A few days ago, he defended fellow BJP MLA and Unnao rape accused Kuldeep Singh Sengar. “I am speaking from a psychological point of view, no one can rape a mother of three children. It is not possible, this is a conspiracy against him,” the BJP MLA was quoted by ANI.

The National Commission of Women had issued a notice to Surendra Singh for his comments on the Unnao rape case.